This week’s Year 4 home learners have been busy bees! The main focus of their learning has been about what some people consider the most important creatures on the planet.

Bees help to feed us. Not because we eat bees or even honey, but because they help our crops to grow. If we did not have bees pollinating plants then we would not have apples, beans, strawberries, cucumbers, cauliflower, lettuce, melons, lemons, raspberries …the list goes on. In fact, three-quarters of the world’s flowering plants depend on bees to help them grow.

Did you know there are 24 different species of bumblebee in the UK?

Here is Ben’s diagram of both the different parts of a flower and the different parts of a bee, including wings and pollen basket.


Willow has been a very busy bee this week and is challenging herself to complete different drills/exercises. Why don’t you have a go! 


Sticking with the bees and flowers theme, Year 4 has also been learning about the Russian artist Nikolai Tolstyh.  He creates animal silhouettes by cutting animal outlines out of a sheet of paper and then photographs a bit of nature through the gap. Here are two beautiful examples of this art form by Olivia and Beth.


Charlotte has also completed some fabulous pieces of work this week, including this list of ‘bee’ puns.


Here is Ava’s review of the book she has read this week.


This is just some of the fantastic examples of home learning from this week. Well done to all our home learners!