This week, Dolphins class have been busy! They have been engineers, building rockets to the moon. Musicians, making instruments to create lovely sounds. Practising mindfulness with Yoga sessions and perfecting their letter formation! 

Some of the children took part in yoga lessons on the Cosmic Kids YouTube channel. Yoga is a great way to start the morning, as it is a gentle form of exercise and can put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. Well done to Patrick! Some super poses! 



Here is the link to the Cosmic Kids YouTube Channel:

Jack made a fabulous percussion instrument. He used lots of different materials, including rice and pasta, to create a unique sound. 


Patience made a life-size rocket out of materials found around the house. The rocket is big enough to fit herself and her brother in! The last I heard they were on their second orbit around the moon! 😁




Some children went on a hunt to find different objects to float and sink. They were asked to make predictions and conclusions about what they found. Here is scientist Dougie experimenting with his objects. He has written up his findings in a table.




Here is Evelyn completing some great letter formation work. Twilight looks very impressed with her letter m. 

This is just some of the fantastic examples of home learning from this week. Well done to all our home learners!