This week, the Turtles have been busy working on lots of different themed work including Transport, measuring and the artist Eileen Agar. 

Eileen Agar was a surrealist who used everyday objects to inspire her paintings. She painted the objects in different shapes, sizes and colours into a collage to make the viewer see things from a different perspective. Here is Harry’s copy of her picture ‘Flower Palette’.


Emilia completed a fantastic piece of descriptive writing on Eileen Agar’s most famous work ‘Bride of the Sea’, remembering all her capitals letters and full stops.

Another themed day this week was all about measuring and what better way to learn about measuring than by baking! Lots of Turtles made lovely cakes this week. Here is Amelia making strawberry cupcakes, carefully measuring out the ingredients. Yum!

Some Turtles have been very musical throughout the week and have composed their own songs. They had to think about notes, tempo and beats. We were very impressed with Sienna who created this short sequence on her drum set.




Well done to all the Turtles Home Learners!