School Council

Pupils have lots of opportunity to take responsibility at St Chad’s school.

One way is to be part of School Council. Each year each of the classes in the juniors vote for two pupils to represent them. They meet with the Headteacher or staff to discuss ways to improve the school.

Recent suggestions are:

  • To have more milk available for school dinners.
  • To have more children’s ideas incorporated into the lunchtime menu.
  • To allow girls the option of wearing trousers as part of school uniform.
  • To have better toilets.

What we have done:

  • There is now more milk available at lunch time.
  • Children’s ideas from home and linked to their classroom topics are introduced into the school menus.
  • Girls are allowed to wear school style trousers or shorts.
  • A new toilet block has been built in our Key Stage One department.