Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

PSHE has a high priority for us as a whole school. Staff are trained annually in Safeguarding and Child Protection issues. This includes awareness of our responsibilities to keep children safe and promote their welfare, including with respect to the reporting of FGM and being aware of the risks of extremism and radicalisation (Prevent). We work with children to encourage positive values, including those to support a cohesive community through whole school action; such as our ethos, worship, assemblies, displays, behaviour policy.

Increasingly we invest time in ensuring our children demonstrate independent skills and personal resilience, such as through the Ripples and Resilience programme with the Linden Centre, through our class resilience charters and with our Learning Mentor. We engage fully with the teaching of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects of learning and throughout this incorporate the DfE’s agenda for British Values.

In class, our work is based on the Lancashire Scheme in conjunction with Heart Smart. HeartSmart is a creative approach that we’re using to build character, emotional health and resilience in children. It’s an exciting programme which connects PSHE, RE and Wellbeing. Equipping children with foundational principles and skills that will improve their mental health and relationships and academic achievement. At Poulton St. Chad’s, we want everyone to know that they are loved, cared for and valued. We recognise the value of educating the heart alongside educating the mind. We are using HeartSmart to do just that!

Here are some fun phrases that are part of the HeartSmart program and we are sure you’ll start hearing them in your home as well. They’re called the HeartSmart High Five and here’s a brief overview.

To learn more about HeartSmart click through to their website

PSHE Scheme of Work

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PSHE in Practice

Outside of the classroom we have the system of a Year 6 leadership team that includes all children taking various roles such as Worship Leaders and Sports Captains.

The Year 6 children become Buddies to the new EYFS children, writing them letters, accompanying them to lunch and caring for them in the playground and on walks to church during their early transition days.

We have the School Council, Eco and Charity Committees and lunch time helpers to name a few – all of which help the children develop into responsible and healthy minded members of society.


We consulted carefully with all members of our school community in 2020 to develop our RSE PSHE Policy as set out below. Please click the button to access this and always feel free to discuss PSHE with us in school.