Music is a part of everyday life here at St Chad’s. We sing a hymn, often modern and lively, every morning in our Worship, and we have a weekly Prayer and Praise session, where we learn new hymns and often enjoy singing old favourites too! Music is taught in every class, and we follow our bespoke Music Curriculum, which has been written with our children’s needs and abilities in mind.

We have extra-curricular instrumental lessons with Lancashire Music Service. These lessons are well-attended and prove very popular. This year we have children learning flute, trumpet, keyboard, violin and guitar. All children learning an instrument in school are given the opportunity to take part in our annual Summer Proms, and those that have been learning for at least a year are given the opportunity to perform in the Carols by Candlelight evening too. Our Year 4 class are very fortunate as they have a year’s worth of Wider Opportunities music lessons – this year we have chosen Samba and Ukuleles as our chosen instruments. Mrs Swales also runs a Handbells group in the Autumn term.

Our school choir is very well thought of throughout the local area. We have pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 in our choir. We perform at least once a month in church, and we often get to perform through the terms too. Christmas is a very busy time for us as we perform in our school’s Carol Service, held in St Chad’s Church, Poulton Library and the Over 60s club, as well as many more special concerts. We were honoured to open Poulton’s Big Gig last year, and have already been invited to start proceedings again this year.

Our Music Curriculum links in with our class topics, and it ensures coverage of the three main areas of the National Curriculum: Listening and Appraising: Composition and Performance.  Each class has a number of units to be taught throughout the year, as well as basic skills of rhythm and notation, which focus on the seven inter-related aspects of music, which are: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture and structure.