Meet the Staff

Mr J. Leeming

Acting Headteacher

Mr Leeming is also a Specialist Leader of Education for Maths

Mrs S. Shrewsbury

Acting Deputy Head Teacher, Whales Class Teacher/ Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator

Miss V. Woods

Dolphins Class (EYFS)

Mr J. Walley

Seals Class (Year 2)

Mrs G. Kambouris

Turtles Class (Year 1 and Year 2) and Modern Foreign Languages Teacher of Modern Greek

Mrs B. McCann

Whales Class teacher (EYFS and Year 1) Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead

Miss L. Whatmough

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs G. Crossley

Year 4 Teacher

Mr A. Fielding

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs H. Parry

Additional Years 3, 5 & 6 Teacher

Miss E. Hopwood

Year 6 Teacher
Support Staff

Mrs C. Hopwood

Mrs N.Swales

Miss L. Eggleston

Mrs C. Stallard

Miss L. Dale

Mrs V. Watts

Miss L. Latimer

Mrs J. Price

Mrs L. Coulson

Miss R. Myers

Miss Z. Wardman


Mrs J. Kenny

Miss S. Holden

Learning Mentor

Mrs H. Hunt

Site Supervisor

Mr P. Hemming

Catering Manager

Mrs S. Hornby


Mrs B. Downe

Catering General Assistant

Mrs B.Downe

Senior Midday Supervisor

Mr J. Leeming

Lunchtime Assistants

Mrs S. Nixon

Mrs J. Price

Miss L. Latimer

Mrs C. Stallard

Mrs J. Harvey

Mrs L. Cameron

School Crossing Patrol

Mrs M. Fairclough

Breakfast/ After School Club

Mrs S. Nixon

Miss L. Cameron

Miss C Dale