We really enjoy seeing how creative your home learning is! Here is a poem written by Ava M Year 4.


My Lockdown Poem

We are in lockdown what ever should we do? Whatever it is I want to be with you.

In the afternoon we play with the bunnies and I sometimes say “o hi hunnies”.

We are stuck in the house it drives us crazy, but we need to try not to be lazy.

I don’t like Lockdown its makes me sad, we need to tray stay calm and not get mad.

Living with a toddler is very tough, she might look cute but she plays rough.

Not much happens when we are hanging around, you can just here every sound.

Most days we watch the news, and see that the adverts are cancelled for that summer cruise.

Clap for carers on Thursday night, we come together it a lovely sight.

When Lockdown is over and we don’t have to stay, we can all be free to go out and play.