Modern Language – French

Welcome – Bonjour

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Mrs Parry welcomes you to our French page. Make sure that you look at our ‘What we are learning now’ resource page.

Curriculum Overview

Click on the button below for the French curriculum overview for the year.

View our MFL Policy below:

Knowledge Organiser

View our MFL National Curriculum Document below:

How can we learn French at home?

  1. Refer to our Knowledge Organiser.
  2. Use your online Duolingo account. Watch the video to see how to log in (35) How to log into Duolingo! – YouTube
  3. You can also use a free App called Translate Voice to translate English into French.

End of Year Expectations for French

Why learning an additional language is great for our pupils.  They gain a greater cultural understanding of others, have a deeper appreciation of how others see the world, and they can communicate with more people. Language learning improves brain function and memory.

Learning French helps with other lessons

English – Children improve their understanding of English as their native language, when comparing grammatical rules, syntax and morphology to an additional language.

French in our school is taught with enthusiasm. We believe that children who are engaged in the lessons and take responsibility for their learning will not only learn French well, but any language they choose to learn in the future.

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