Ethos Group

Our Ethos Group is made up of two representatives from each class in Key Stage 2 with support from Mrs Woodward (RE Subject Lead).

The Ethos Group have important roles and responsibilities which include regularly meeting with the RE Subject Lead to discuss ethos, RE teaching, collective worship and religious festivals that are celebrated. They are central to our child led worship and contribute to whole school and key stage worship.

They run school wide initiatives based on our Christian values, refresh worship displays, lead the school prayers and read from the Bible.

The Ethos Group plan, lead and evaluate Collective Worship regularly and are the voice of the pupils for worship time at Poulton St. Chad’s School.

Ethos Group Pledge

We will set a great example to others as role models and champions of our values.

We will develop our school ethos by ensuring our school has an inclusive and Christian character and follow the example of Jesus through our school motto; Love Learning. Love God. Love One Another.

We will lead with the support of Reverend Keighley, Mrs Bitsakaki and Mrs Woodward to make sure our school is a place where everyone feels included and has the opportunity to grow.

We will listen to others (adults and pupils) and collect ideas on how to improve our school.

We will lead changes.

We will celebrate our school and communicate through half termly videos and worships.

Ethos Group Worship

Please click on the buttons below to see the worships we have planned and led. Thank you!

Ethos Group Events

This half term, Ethos Group have been learning more about our chosen Christian value: Justice. The children listened to the story of the Judgement of King Solomon and discovered how true justice requires wisdom. The children then sorted different scenarios into ‘fair’ and ‘unfair’ or ‘just’ and ‘unjust’.  The children learnt about Fair Trade during Fair Trade fortnight and all the work the charity do in ensuring workers are paid and treated fairly. They then consolidated this learning by playing the Fair Trade Board Game.