Our Curriculum Intent

Our Context

We continuously strive to maintain an excellent quality of education in all areas at St. Chad’s. Historically attainment and achievement has been rated Outstanding by Ofsted. (2008 and 2011).

Pupils are well-behaved and have an enthusiastic approach to learning. Attendance and punctuality of the vast majority is excellent. Parents value their children’s education. The school enjoys an excellent reputation in the local community and is over-subscribed.

The acting Headteacher is also a Specialist Mathematics Teacher who works with the North West Maths Hub (NNWMH) delivering professional development to teachers.

The school community highly values its faith ethos. It received an Outstanding grade under the Schools’ Anglican and Methodist Inspection (2018). As well as strong links with the Blackburn Diocese of Education, the school also values the School Support through Lancashire Education Authority, where more than 93% of schools are Good or Outstanding (2018).

The school supports other schools through the FCTSA, EIF projects and through working with clusters of schools.

Our Intent

Our intent is to ensure that all pupils master the basic subject knowledge and skills essential as a foundation before the next stage of their learning, whether that be the next year group or the next phase of their education. As a primary school, it is our duty to ensure that children have an absolutely solid, concrete understanding of subject knowledge and skills, as well as being emotionally resilient in readiness for secondary school.

Our experience is that racing through content has led to some children having large gaps in subject knowledge because the concept they had just learnt was either too big or learnt too quickly, rather than sustainable learning.

Pupils will spend time becoming true masters of content, applying and being creative with new knowledge and skills in multiple ways to demonstrate that they really understand it. We intend that the steadier, deeper pace of learning, will enable no child to be left behind, as well as providing deeper and richer experiences for children who are above the national expectation for their age.


We do more of this:
Teaching all children in class, together, most of the time
Verbal feedback during lessons, shortened comments in books and more ticking of correct concepts
Spending longer on one idea
Giving children who need it, additional support over shorter, more intense periods, like a day or week.
Daily or weekly mini assessments with a few formal tests over the year

And less of this:
Formal marking with lots of written feedback and highlighting
Covering lots of ideas in one week
Formal, long term interventions to boost children out of class
Separating children into ability groups
Formal testing of children weekly or termly

We apply this pedagogy to all subjects.  We continue to work with passion to prepare our pupils for life beyond the school walls, not just accomplished in English and Maths. We want to empower pupils to be lifelong learners, able to make good choices and embrace challenge, in the knowledge that God is always there to be their friend.