Mobile Computing Suite
The Computing Suite is now mobile to give all pupils at St Chad’s access to excellent Computing facilities in their own classrooms. We have class set of netbooks which are all networked and managed centrally on the school server. Each pupil has their own log in name and password which allows them to save and access their own work easily and quickly.

Apple iPad’s
We have a class set of iPads, plus additional equipment for groups.

Using the Internet

The following rules will help all pupils be safe when using the school’s computing facilities to search and use the Internet.

  • We will ask permission from a member of staff before using the Internet
  • We will not give our or anyone else’s personal details such as address, or telephone numbers to anyone over the Internet.
  • We will only email people with our teachers approval.
  • We will make sure any messages we do send will be polite and responsible.
  • We will report any unpleasant materials or messages sent to us or found accidentally.
  • We must understand that the school may check our computer files and may monitor the sites we visit.
  • We will not use Google Image search without permission

Using the School Computers

The following rules will help keep our Computing Suite running smoothly and will make using the suite fun and safe for everyone.

  • We will leave the ICT equipment as we would expect to find it. (laptops/computers logged off)
  • We will always remember to save our work in our own area on the network so that it does not get lost.
  • We will only access our own files in our own area.
  • We will ask permission before using any memory sticks brought into school. (All must be scanned for viruses first, to ensure they are safe)
  • We will leave all setting on the computer as we find them. (occasionally pupils will make changes accidentally, please see Mr Irvine who will fix any problems)
  • We will remember to log off after each session.

Computing Curriculum

The 2014 national curriculum introduced a new subject, computing, which replaced ICT. This represents continuity and change, challenge and opportunity. Teaching computing provided pupils with an even more exciting and rigorous curriculum that addresses the challenges and opportunities offered by the technologically rich world in which we live.

This area in the National Curriculum is broken down into three areas of study:

  1. Computer Science
  2. Digital Literacy
  3. Information Technology

For further information on the Computing Curriculum click on the button below:

Purple Mash

In school we use a variety of different tools in computing. One of our tools is Purple Mash. Click on the logo below to go to our schools own Purple Mash area.


Digital leaders!

At digital leaders we have lots of fun every week and do lots of challenges on the digital leader’s website. We also make really cool robots that we programme to talk and move. Recently we have entered the digital leaders- in the spotlight- competition where we filmed a video about how we loved being digital leaders. We did really well and they said that they loved our ideas.

– Louie