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Welcome to our school web-site

Our school is an exciting place to learn. Children say:
‘I like coming to school. It’s fun!’
‘Teachers help you if you get stuck.’
‘We get to do exciting things in lessons.’
Information on our web-site is continually being updated, so we hope you get a feel for what is happening in  our school. If you would like to visit us and find out more, please contact the headteacher Mrs Bitsakaki.

Letter from the Headteacher

At Poulton St Chad’s we seek to enable all pupils to thrive and learn how to be prepared as responsible members of the community.  Our Christian values are of special importance, underpinning all our activities. This is reflected in our close association with St Chad’s Church and input into pupils’ well-being. We provide a vibrant learning environment with a broad, rich curriculum and a wide range of learning experiences, enabling our children to flourish.

The close partnership between the pupils, parents, staff of the school and the governors is one of the utmost importance.  Through working together we can provide effective teaching and learning for every child, in an atmosphere of trust, where all are valued.

School Organisation

We have an admission number of 35 pupils each year. The maximum legal number of pupils in Early Years and Key Stage 1 classes is 30 pupils. For this reason, we have four smaller classes of 20-30 pupils with mixed cohorts across these year groups.  When the children enter Key Stage 2 they are taught in larger class sizes with one cohort of approximately 35 pupils per class.

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